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More Information About Plasterers Scrim

A plastering scrim is a thin sheet of canvas, wood or plastic stretched tightly over the lath, which helps to prevent the plaster from leaking through the joints in the wall.

Since plasterers scrim is a thin sheet of canvas, wood or plastic stretched tightly over the lath and helps to prevent plaster from leaking through joints in walls, it’s worth knowing more about them! This post will give you everything you need to do that. Read on for information on what they are and how they work. You’ll also find out some places where you can get your hands on one if needed! You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to this stuff.

What are they?

Plasterers Scrims are used by plasterers and are also referred to as plastering scrims. They’re a thin sheet of canvas, wood or plastic that is meant to help prevent plaster from leaking through the joints in a wall. They’re not exactly sexy but they do come in handy when using Lime Mortar or Plaster of Paris because both materials will leak out of the joints if you don’t use anything to stop it.

The only time that you don’t really need to use this is when using plastic cement. It will stick to the surface that it’s being applied to just fine.

How do they work?

They’re pretty easy to use and they’re extremely effective when it comes to preventing the mortar or plaster from seeping out of the joints in your wall. You simply fit them into all of the grooves on your lath and then plaster over the top of them. This will seal off any air gaps, working as an airtight barrier between your plaster and your lath. The resulting effect should be a smooth and even finish! They can actually be made up with a variety of materials, including wood, paper or canvas.

Best Places To Buy Plasterers Scrims

Firstly, if you are using plastic cement then you don’t really need to worry about these. They’ll hold the joint together just fine. However, if you’re using your plaster or lime-based products then it’s a good idea to pick some up! They’re also great for sanding to smooth out the surface of your work. If you have any leftover lime left over from working with grout and mortar, then this stuff is great for making some extra filler because it can be made up with either sand or cement and it will fill in the raw edges of your joints and make them much smoother than they were before.


Plasterers’ Scrims are a great and useful item to have around in your workshop. They’re durable, they last a long time, they can be made from various materials and they can also be used to create some extra filler to fill any voids that are left in your walls after you’ve put your lath up. It’s definitely worth having a selection of these on hand because you never know when you might need them.