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How to choose a campervan hire

Hiring a campervan can be the perfect way to enjoy the freedom of the open road and we’re here to help you find your perfect hire. But how do you tell which one is right for you? Well, it all depends on what type of campervan traveler you are.

The following are the main campervan hire types and what they mean:

  1. The Holidays

You want to see the country and see all it has to offer, be that the cities or the natural landscapes. You want to experience life on a road trip and make use of your free time in a variety of ways. You don’t need to visit every tourist attraction but you would like to see as much as possible while still having fun. Other optional extras are seeing some wildlife, enjoying local music nights/clubs etc.

  1. The Cyclist

You love being on a bike and you need a campervan that can cope with the rigors of cycling. Elevated seating for when you’re tackling the steepest of hills and a solid axle for when you need to cycle off road are the key features for this type of campervan hire. You’ll also want one with good storage space for your gear and somewhere to keep your bike safe from thieves.

  1. The Solo Traveler

You would like to be on the road but you assign a solo traveler tag. You may just want to relax and enjoy your surroundings, or you might be exploring the country with other travelers in tow. Or maybe you’re traveling alone but have a friend with you that you might need to stay with in one of your stops along the way. No matter what, we have a solution for you! For example, some campervans will accommodate two children if that’s what you need.

  1. The Weekend Trip

You are not a long-term campervan hirer and you need to stay in a campervan for a weekend. You’ll want to see some sights and experience the culture by staying in local houses. You may also want to stop off at a theme park or two en route but you will have limited time in the campervan for this type of trip. A tent makes the most sense for this type of rental as alternative accommodation is hard to come by whilst on holiday.

  1. The Club Campervan Rental

This is a style of campervan hire designed for those who would like to travel alone but have the option to have a group of friends or family along for the ride. Some people prefer to have their own space to themselves and this type of party bus will get you there in style! Please note that one person may be co-pilot so don’t expect to take up all the space in the vehicle.

  1. The All Wheel Drive Campervan Hire

You may be planning to explore the scenic places but you will also be out and about at night looking for those all-night parties. Or perhaps you need to stick to the road during your travel, because the country has many long stretches of tarmac. And one last thing – you’ll need a campervan that is good on all types of terrain.


Tips for a Successful RV Rental.

When it comes to RV rentals, there are many things to consider. But one of the most important things to consider is your safety. A properly equipped RV can help you relax and enjoy your trip, but it’s important to be aware of the hazards associated with camping in a remote area. Here are some tips for safe RV rental:


If you’re camping in a remote area, it’s important to get a good RV safety kit. This kit will include items like first-aid supplies, a knife, water Filter, fire starter, and a map of the area. You also need to ensure you have the correct insurance for your RV. Make sure you have at least $25,000 in liability protection.


When camping in a remote area, it’s important to be aware of the dangers associated with camping. These dangers include:

  • Dangerous wildlife: Rental operators should always be aware of the potential for dangerous wildlife when renting an RV. Rented properties may be frequented by bears, grizzlies, and other wild animals. This can lead to serious injury or even death.
  • Unsafe water: Many areas in remote areas are unspeakably dangerous for campers. Unsafe water can lead to food poisoning, dehydration, and even death. Be sure to read the owner’s manual carefully before leaving and make sure you have all the necessary supplies for your trip.
  • Lawless territory: There is always the potential for lawlessness when camping in a remote area. Rental operators should protect their property from unauthorized access or theft.
  • Risky activities: Some activities that can be risky while camping in a remote area include hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing. Make sure you are familiar with the risks involved before departing.


Make sure you know the dangers associated with camping in a remote area. By taking the time to research the location and make sure your RV is properly equipped, you can ensure your trip is as safe as possible.


One of the most important things to do when renting an RV is to make sure your vehicle is clean and free of hazards. This includes removing all food, drink, and other items that could cause you or your crew to get sick. It’s also important to clean the inside and outside of your RV. This will help keep you and your staff safe on your trip.


One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your property while you’re away is to make sure your home is secure. It’s not just about keeping your RV safe, though. Make sure to keep your property secure too. You don’t want anyone getting into your RV without knowing exactly where it is, and you don’t want any potential accidents happening while you’re away.


Make sure to pack some basic supplies, such as a first-aid kit and water. You also may want to bring an extra set of clothes, food, and a place to sleep. If you’re going on a long trip, make sure to pack your entertainment system and any necessary medications. Make sure your RV is properly insured, too.


Now that you know what type of RV you want, it’s time to start the research. You’ll want to make sure you choose the right size, layout, and fuel efficiency for your next trip.