Security technology

Reasons to install surveillance cameras at your property.

When you are concerned about the safety and security of your property and homeowners, you will need to get surveillance cameras installed at your property. It is the most important security measure that you will need to take so that you will not face any kinds of risks or dangers. These cameras are installed for making sure that you will not face any kind of risks so that no one will try to enter into your property without your permission. The affordability and accessibility of technology has made it possible to install the cameras so that you can see the videos from anywhere in the world. You will be able to use your Smartphone or tablet for finding what is happening at your property and it is possible with the use of surveillance camera.

There are many reasons why surveillance cameras are the best option for your property and the most important reason is that crime in your area will be prevented with the installation of these cameras. There is a less amount of criminal activity in your property so that you will have the assurance that no one will try entering into your property in an illegal manner. There will not be any instances of theft and vandalism when you have well placed cameras at your property so that you will get complete peace of mind. Any kind of unauthorized intruders will be eliminated from your property so that you will not face any risks of anything being stolen from your property. The camera footage can be of great help for you when there are any instances of theft and burglary so that you will be able to find the criminals. This is an excellent way of safeguarding your property from all kind of dangers so that you will not be affected due to these intruders. You will also have criminal evidence in the form of the videos so that you will get all the evidence that will proof someone to be guilty of the crime. Even when you have small children at home, the camera will be the best form of protection and security so that you will get the best outcome. There will not be any kind of risks in your property when you have the right kind of results from the installation so that you will get complete peace of mind.

Surveillance cameras also help you in finding any criminal for the crimes and you can make the right decision whether the person is involved in the case or not. You will also be able to keep records about the people entering and leaving your property so that you can use it for your future references. Even the guests and visitors of your property will be identified by the camera so that you will get complete peace of mind that your family will be safe and protected. You will no longer have to bother about anyone entering into your property without your permission when you have the cameras installed at your home.


What is the difference between etching and engraving

Have you ever wondered about the differences between laser etching and laser engraving? Although all of the terms are used as if they are similar, they all relate to a different process when it comes to creating images, characters, or drawings on a particular material with a laser. Laser engraving and laser etching Exclusive applications of laser technology with their different requirements and resources.

With this in mind, it’s important to update your terminology and understand the practical and technological benefits of these different laser applications. In this way you can decide which setting you prefer for your next laser project. Below is a list of the main differences that distinguish these laser methods.

Impact on the material

The laser engraving creates a conical drop on the material surface. Laser etching will create a high-contrast marking on the material surface and only evaporates the surface layer of the material.

laser power

Laser engraving cuts and evaporates the materials on their way. Effective laser engraving requires the use of high temperature lasers, and recorders often choose the laser power at maximum setting for best results, especially when using a strong material such as anodized aluminum or stainless steel. And laser etching melts the surface. Create a slightly expanded pattern of your choice from warm materials.


Laser engraving is an ideal way to differentiate between parts and objects where high wear is to be expected. When you engrave a jewelry design with a laser, it quickly disappears when the piece is touched repeatedly because the depth is only 0.001 inches. The deep cuts in the laser engraving are good when it comes to creating a permanent marking on a various material. Laser etching is not suitable for safety-relevant parts because the drilling process can damage or damage the excavated structure. Laser engraved markings are less durable and suitable for surfaces with low corrosion.


The processes of Laser engraving and also engraving are very versatile and can be used together with different materials. Laser engraving is best for almost all material that you select, this includes metals, wood, plastic, leather, glass, acrylic and soft materials such as paper. Laser engraving affects the surface of materials, changes the reflection and improves shrinkage. The best materials used for laser etching are stainless steel, anodized aluminum, ceramics, coated metal and polymers. Laser markers are widely used in industry to provide permanent markers without causing material damage.


Honda generator eu10i

For your caravan or boat, the Honda Silent Portable generators come in handy. They are the best custom made for such duties.

Up to until recently, portable generators were bulky and not easy to move, loud and unpleasant to operate. The entrance of the Honda EU10i generator in the market has transformed the options for consumers who need self-sufficiency in the use of energy.

It is small, moveable, convenient and very silent. It also generates the uncontaminated, durable and steady power that Honda customers know. While Generating 1000 watts, the Honda EU10i petrol generator is the perfect energy source for people operating power with a lot of movement, or for those people left trapped without electricity.

The Honda generator eu10i produces a maximum output of 100 watts and the noise value; the sound power level is 52-85dB (A) at 7m @ ¼ loads. The generator has a weight of 13kg making it easy to carry and move it from one area of operation to another. It also has a running time of 8.3 hours at ¼ loads. Therefore you have enough running time to operate the generator in different positions.

The Honda Generator EU10i has a stylish and ergonomic design; therefore for outdoor use the generator is presentable and does not have the typical ugly presentation of generators. The generator also has a very low noise output; this ensures a reduction in noise pollution. It, therefore, makes the generator ideal for caravan use.

The output of the generator is 12volt direct current output single phase. The generator is designed with the inverter technology making it possible to use on all appliances that use both direct current and alternating current. It also has two sockets each with 230V 13 amps 1x12v (DC. The generator can be used to operate on a varied range of electrical appliances.

The Honda Generator EU10i uses unleaded petrol fuel. Its fuel tank holds a capacity is 2.3litres, therefore for very long working hours you will need to refuel. It starts running by the use of recoil fitted on the side of the machine.

The generator comes with a five years warranty; therefore you have the confidence to run the machine without worrying about breakdowns in the first five years.