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The honda generator eu10i reviews

Honda has always been at the forefront of innovation. Although many have tried, few have been able to surpass its variety and quality of products. One such product being the Honda EU10i generator.

Rated by many users as having one of the best noises on the market, this positively reviewed unit is becoming increasingly popular for good reason.

Weighing in at only 28 pounds, it is easy to transport and set up. The Honda EU10i has a runtime of 3.8 hours on a single tank of gas, making it perfect for short camping trips or power outages.

It also features an AC outlet, DC outlet, and USB port, making it the perfect all-in-one generator. The Honda EU10i retails for $899.99, but can often be found on sale for much cheaper.

Overall, the Honda EU10i is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable generator. With its long runtime and variety of ports, it is sure to meet your needs. So, if you are in the market for a generator, be sure to check out the Honda EU10i. You won’t be disappointed.

How to use a Honda generator

The Honda EU10i is a convenient, reliable, and quiet generator for home use. It can provide enough power to run most household appliances whether at home or in the field. A typical application would be camping, tailgating, road trips, concerts, etc…

The inverter technology of this particular Honda generator provides clean power with enough capacity to power most basic appliances.

A few things to remember while using your Honda EU10i generator:

  • Always read the owner’s manual carefully. It is full of important and useful information.

-Be sure to check the oil level before each use and add oil if needed.

-Only use high-quality unleaded gasoline in your generator.

-Do not overload the generator; it is not designed to run multiple high-powered appliances at once.

-Keep the generator dry, clean, and free of debris.

-Be sure to shut off the generator and let it cool down before storing.

-Follow these simple guidelines and your Honda EU10i generator should provide you with many years of dependable service.


The most important thing to remember when using your generator is that it produces deadly carbon monoxide gas.

-Make sure the generator is far away from any living spaces.

-Never run a generator inside your home, garage, or near open windows.

-Install an appropriate carbon monoxide alarm on each floor of your dwelling if you plan on using a generator during prolonged power outages.

-Never refuel the generator when it is hot or running; it is best to let it cool down for at least 30 minutes before refuelling.

Customer Questions & Answers

Q. What is the difference between the Honda EU10i and the Honda EU20i?

A. The only real difference between the two generators is their wattage. The Honda EU10i has a max wattage of 1000, while the Honda EU20i has a max wattage of 2000.

Q. Can I use this generator to power my RV?

A. No, the Honda EU10i is not designed to power an RV.

Q. Can I use this generator with a transfer switch?

A. Yes, you can use the Honda EU10i with a transfer switch; just be sure to consult your owner’s manual for proper instructions.