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A Look at St. Francis’ College in the United Kingdom

A rock-solid education can mean so much in contemporary society. Thankfully, getting a strong education doesn’t have to be tough for young girls who reside in the United Kingdom. If you’re looking for a reputable private girls college, then you should take the time to learn all that you can about St. Francis’ College located in picturesque Hertfordshire, England. St. Francis’ College, in a nutshell, is in the heart of Letchworth Garden City. It’s been accommodating the educational requirements of hard-working girls for close to nine full decades at this point. This is an educational institution that consistently strives to combine updated aims and timeless principles.

The team members who work for this college do everything they can to stimulate physical, innovative, academic, moral and spiritual growth among all pupils. This school identifies pupils’ distinctive traits and promotes an environment of esteem toward all.

St. Francis’ College has been in existence since its launching all the way back in 1933. There are quite a few things that make it a favorite in the educational realm in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. These things include:

  • Classes that are small and that can provide pupils with ample guidance
  • A loving setting that’s devoid of judgment
  • Plentiful choices in recreational activities of all kinds
  • Seasoned and capable educators

St. Francis’ College Trust is the name of the organization that’s at the helm of this English institution. It’s a highly regarded educational charity that enthusiastically caters to students regardless of their specific religious backgrounds. The college offers classes during the day on weekdays exclusively. It educates girls who are as young as three years in age. It educates girls who are upward of 18 years in age, too. Girls who are a minimum of 10 years in age are eligible for full boarding.

The School’s Layout

St. Francis’ College’s structures, gardens and athletic fields span more than seven scenic acres in total. They’re part of the Letchworth Conservation Area. The Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation is the name of the group that’s at the helm of the area. People who visit this college often notice the Broadway Building prior to anything else. This building was constructed back in 1938 and functions as the college’s primary entry point. Bishop Eugene van Rechem is the individual who positioned its foundation stone. The Chapel and Dining Hall were both expanded during the sixties. A couple of other sizable rooms were, too.

The Middle School was constructed right before 1920. The Theatre was constructed roughly half a decade later in 1924. It has a capacity of 330 individuals at a time. It initially could hold as many as 600 persons simultaneously.

There are quite a few facilities at St. Francis’ College that are suitable for students who are fond of athletics and recreation in general. The school has an indoor pool that’s heated. It has netball and tennis courts alike. It even has a massive field for athletics.